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Press Release: February 12, 2010

PRESS NOTICE: For Immediate Release

Restored METROPOLIS to play San Francisco Silent Film Festival!

The much anticipated restoration of Fritz Lang’s silent masterpiece Metropolis will have pride of place at the 15th Anniversary San Francisco Silent Film Festival on July 16 with a newly commissioned score by the world-renowned Alloy Orchestra who will accompany the film live at the historic Castro Theatre.

The festival is thrilled to present this complete version--one of the most significant archival discoveries in history! Key scenes were cut from Lang’s original version by the film’s distributor who felt that Lang’s vision wouldn’t play in the American market. The cut footage was long thought lost, but in 2008, film historian Fernando Martin Pena tracked down a 16mm dupe negative copy of the original 35mm export version in an Argentinean vault--the film had been sent to Buenos Aires for the edit. The material was repatriated to Germany where the complete version was reconstructed and restored at the F.W. Murnau Foundation, and is having its world premiere today at the Berlin Film Festival.

San Francisco audiences will have the chance to experience this seminal masterpiece on the big screen in the version intended by its director in a restored--more than 30 minutes longer--print, with brilliant live musical accompaniment, one of sixteen extraordinary programs planned by the Silent Film Festival for July 2010.

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting treasures from the silent era with live musical accompaniment, to educate the public about silent film as an art form and as a culturally valuable historical record.


The Silent Film Festival is a nonprofit organization promoting the artistic, cultural, and historic value of silent film.

Silent filmmakers produced masterpieces and crowd-thrilling entertainments. Remarkable for their artistry and their inestimable value as historical documents, silent films show us how our ancestors thought, spoke, dressed and lived. It is through these films that the world first came to love movies, and learned how to appreciate them as art. They have influenced every generation of filmmakers, and continue to inspire audiences nearly a century after they were made.

The 15th Annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival will take place July 15-18, 2010 at the Castro Theatre. Reserve the date!

Anita Monga, Artistic Director
Telephone: 510-843-4245

For information, please visit our website

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Lady of the Pavements (1929)

Lady of the Pavements (1929)