In 2006, we began our annual Amazing Tales from the Archives program to raise our audience’s awareness of the importance of film preservation and to provide insight into the remarkable work done by film archives.

Inaugurated in 2008, the Silent Film Preservation Fellowship is an outgrowth of our commitment to film preservation. The fellowship is awarded to a student selected by the staff of George Eastman House’s L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation in consultation with the festival.

Designed to complement George Eastman House’s preservation program, this fellowship provides a recent graduate the opportunity to cultivate relationships with leading international archives, gain experience in the organization and presentation of archive material in a festival setting, and do important non-technical research that will support the preservation field and further his or her own career.

From 2008-2010, the Silent Film Preservation Fellowship included restoring a rare film or selected film footage which then had its premiere at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

The 2010 Silent Film Preservation Fellow, Ken Fox, will give a presentation about his restoration work on the recently re-discovered Douglas Fairbank’s film Mr. Fix-It on Friday, July 15 at the Amazing Tales from the Archives program in our 16th annual festival.

The 2011 fellowship has been awarded to Sean Kilcoyne.

Silent Film Preservation Fellowship Recipients:
2008: Anne Smatla, Screen Snapshots (7th series)
2009: Kyle Westphal, McCall's Fashion News
2010: Ken Fox, Mr. Fix-It
2011: Sean Kilcoyne

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival has proudly given the following organizations and individuals awards for their distinguished contributions to the preservation and restoration of world film heritage:

Haghefilm Award
2003: FIAF
2004: George Eastman House
2005: National Film Preservation Foundation
2006: Library of Congress
2006: Melissa Chittick

Silent Film Festival Award
2007: Turner Classic Movies
2008: David Shepard – Film Preservation Associates
2009: China Film Archive
2010: Photoplay Productions: Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury
2011: UCLA Film & Television Archive

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